Sunday, January 23, 2011

Involuntary stress twitches in my eyebrows

I meant to blog more this past week, but aahhhh school, aahhhh work, aahhh school and work and work and school.  I only had four days of class this week, not even the whole five, and not as many shifts as I've had in the past, but it has still left me whimpering.  It's hard not to be convinced that I won't have any time (or energy... let's be real, the problem is not the lack of free time, the problem is that in my free time I have no brain power left for anything but mindlessly clicking through Tumblr) to devote to my own projects until May.  I really wish I could spend all day in a large bathtub, doing nothing more demanding than watching my fingers turn into raisins, but it's not to be.

Anyway, I haven't gotten my act together to take many photos this week, so you get inspiration pictures instead.  I've seen so many people say that bright lips are a big makeup trend for the spring, and they usually mean orange or fuschia colors.  But personally, I'm psyched to maybe rock some blue lips in the coming months.

Images via DI$COUNT, Obsessee (via Johnny's Bird), and various tumblrs.

Ever since Coachella revealed their (fuckin' killer) lineup, summer festivals have been on my mind a lot.  I don't know that I'll be able to swing a plane ticket to California on top of my other plans in the coming months, but I am eagerly awaiting the Bonnaroo lineup, since that could be much more doable for me.  If I do make it to a music festival this year, I think I will try to wear blue lipstick every day.  Festivals are a great time to experiment with styles you wouldn't otherwise wear (because everyone around you is super sweaty and either drunk or on drugs), but I never want to be weighed down with fancy clothes and accessories, so makeup experimentation it is.  

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